About GirlsSki2

About Us

We aim to inspire a love of outdoor and alpine adventure amongst women: building confidence, friendships, a love and appreciation of outdoor activities and local culture. We offer opportunities for women to challenge themselves in different alpine environments; discovering local mountain culture in an authentic and relaxed atmosphere and provide enriching experiences, which will last well beyond a single event.

At GirlsSki2 we strive to make your alpine experience...

Take on new challenges, fulfill personal goals and achieve success in the outdoors environment.

Through unique and exhilarating experiences.

In the company and community of like-minded women.

Delve into the stunning alpine landscapes through the passion and...

How it all started

I’m a passionate, experienced and adventurous outdoors girl – with a love of mountains, skiing and alpine sports. As a result, I’m in my element outdoors and exploring - as well as being active and testing my boundaries, whilst appreciating the beauty and immensity of the mountains. Playing in the Alps also means gaining insights into new cultures - from encounters with local traditions, sampling delicious local cuisine to connecting with like-minded people from all over the world, drawn together in search of similar adventures, be it snow-shoeing through the backwaters of the Vorarlberg, or biking through the apple orchards of the South Tyrol.

In recent years, I’ve become a port-of-call for friends wanting to get more out of a mountain holiday – whether that’s finding a great instructor, getting off the beaten track or seeking a more genuine alpine experience. The deciding moment for creating this business came whilst searching in vain for...