Testimonials Season 2014/15

Alpine adventures

Thank you for organising the fabulous experience last week where Julie, Annabel and I were introduced to the cross country skiing. I enjoyed this part of my holiday the most, not only did I laugh the most but I got a lot out of it in a physical way. I really enjoyed pushing myself physically and felt like I had accomplished something at the end. Markus was an excellent tutor and made me feel competent in everything. - Nina

Small group meant that we all received individual instruction as well as group information. Beautiful scenery, great guide and such FUN! A welcome respite from the busy slopes. Very few people around, peaceful, beautiful scenery and only the sound of our laughter. A lovely afternoon. Thank you- best day of the week! - Julie

Superb guidance, ease of transportation and reminder of how beautiful our world is. I didn’t think I would see so much snow-shoeing; how fit and strong I’d feel and how absolutely exhilarating trekking in the snow could be. - Claire

Walking off the beaten track, stunning scenery and no-one else around! Annabel

Markus is a brilliant instructor and great fun- Cross-country skiing participant

Personalised approach and very friendly team”- Susan


It was great to be guided, and after skiing for some many years, to get coaching that was pitched right at my level. This really really helped. Also choice of terrain & snow was great! So worth treating yourself to a ski guide every now again! Should do it more often! Such a great idea, and great instruction/ guiding. We got lots of skiing in a half day! Couldn’t believe the amount of progress some made in just that time! I really would recommend any lady the likes off piste skiing or just wants to get stronger in the powder to do a camp and just go for it! - AnneMarie

Geli's approach to instruction and giving personal feedback was fantastic. You created a group of like-minded female skiers - which is the first time I've experienced that :-). Thank you for arranging two of the best ski-days of my life! The instruction provided by Geli is really excellent - she is supportive, but also challenges you to move to the next level. I will never forget the feeling of achievement (and enjoyment!) of climbing up to the ridge and making fresh tracks down into St Christoph. A great experience and fantastic memory from my time in St Anton. - Deborah

From the outset, Geli showed me how I could improve my skiing technique to get the best out of my off piste experience. All the advice she gave me was really useful and I keep trying to emanate those techniques in my skiing now. The nutrition talk at lunch was very informative and Nicola gave us some sound advice about nutrition on the mountains. Thanks for a fab morning! - Natalie

Loved the off-piste and also found the peeps training extremely worthwhile. The group was quite small which meant each of us got some helpful individual ski tips as well as some great powder runs. - Heidi

Geli the instructor was completely empathetic and I couldn't help but face my fears and have an amazing time, and I now know how to do powder. - Izzy