ISPO- Ration

This weekend we left the snowy slopes for a day at the vaste ISPO sports industry fair in Munich. I had the same feeling at ISPO as I do at the wonderful German-Austrian Christmas markets, where there is so much great food and drink on offer- where am I going to start and how am I going to eat it all? Same feeling, just ISPO is all about the gear… With over 2500 exhibitors from more than 50 countries we had a great day exploring the latest developments and growing trends in the outdoor and sports field.

So with our snow caps on, we bring you 5 features that really impressed us:

  1. Wool – From Icebreaker, to Ortovox to Reda Rewoolution, the range of wool-based layers for skiing is growing. This is really exciting as the big advantages of wool are not just the unbeatable warmth factor but durability. As a natural fibre these layers are far less sweaty and smelly. They might initially cost more but long-term, you need less and they last longer.

  2. Women’s Skis - Across the board a growing range of women’s skis demonstrating adaptation to the needs of the female skier. We particularly liked the Dynastar stand visuals explaining the differences between men and women skiers (see picture).

  3. Sustainable materials - Growing awareness and success in creating top skis with real craftsmanship and environmental awareness. In particular we liked how Meier Skis from Colorado are doing this- using dead wood and creating beautiful skis.

  4. Lightweight seems to be the word of the moment- and it seems not just women’s skis are getting lighter, but all round manufacturers are building skis with lighter weight materials. It will be interesting to see how this trend develops and how manufacturers maintain quality and performance in lighter skis and keep them affordable.

  5. Colours - The trend for bright colours continues- we like this and even more fun as it is now hitting all layers from ski undies up- gone are the days of boring, black long-johns! Seeing some of the designs from Norwegian Sports and Ski wear brand Kari Traa, I’d even be tempted to say that going out in your ski underwear is going to be the next ski resort fashion trend. (Beats the onsie trend hands down…)