Caxton currency card

The safer, smarter way to pay abroad

If you’re passionate about skiing and want a memorable experience on a GirlsSki2 event a Caxton FX currency card could be just what you need!

Travelling overseas is always expensive and it can be a hassle exchanging foreign currencies at the banks or airport bureau’s.

GirlsSki2 are offering Caxton FX currency cards. A simple, efficient alternative to carrying large amounts of foreign currency in your wallet.

The cards offer excellent value for money with competitive exchange rates and no hidden charges, allowing you to make the most of your adventure. Just like your debit or credit card, Caxton FX currency cards are ‘chip and pin’ protected with the additional benefit of preloading the card with any amount by using the Caxton FX app, online, SMS, or over the phone. The Caxton FX app allows you to buy your holiday currency and control your overseas expenditure wherever you happen to be in the world.

You can also shop with confidence, as the Caxton FX cards are accepted in over 35 million outlets and ATMs worldwide wherever you see the Mastercard sign.

Order your Caxton FX card today, and make the most of your ski holiday with great value, and hassle free spending abroad.

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