More parallels than in the turns...

We all know the physical benefits of yoga for skiing- it helps build strength- in your muscles, joints and core, furthermore improving your flexibility. As well as improving your ski control, it helps you avoid injury. But what other parallels are there between skiing and yoga?

  1. Neither are easy, but with practice, self-belief and concentration- your body will do things you never thought possible!

  2. Both increase the self-awareness of body and mind and teach you how to control your body, balance and emotions.

  3. The falls are all steps to success- with every fall or extra movement into a pose, you are getting closer to the next level. Why would you not keep trying?

  4. For the time that you are focussed on moving your body between a series of poses or through a field of snow- nothing else matters- you are in the present and living in the moment.

  5. Gratitude - for having some time out to breathe and clear your thoughts, or simply that feeling “how lucky am I to be in the mountains right now?” Deep breathe, smile.

'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.' Maya Angelou

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