Meet Ceri

Ceri Temple

GirlsSki2 Founder, Manager & Event host

Nationality: British

Base: Munich, Germany

I learnt to ski at the age of 10. At first it was the fresh croissants, hot chocolates on the mountains of the French Alps and cheese fondues that got me into it, but after regular ski holidays with family and friends I developed a passion for the snow and alpine sport possibilities. Having studied foreign languages at university I still had an itch for travel and decided to work a winter season in Austria before entering “the real world”, however this soon led to a summer season and then another winter. During this time I worked as a travel rep for a British tour operator and a ski instructor in the Austrian resorts of Obergurgl and Alpbach. Finally the time came to head back to the “real world” where I enjoyed the life of a German and French teacher for 7 years; getting involved in Outdoor Pursuits in schools, such as the D of E programme to ski team coaching. Little did I know that actually each of these chapters were steps towards the creation of my own “real world” in the mountains!

I now live in Munich, which is the perfect springboard for many outdoor activities, and all year round I have a range of different playgrounds on my doorstep. In recent years I have developed a passion for ski touring and am building up my comfort and technique in skiing in powder. I love being outdoors, I love skiing, I love falling over in powder, I love sharing the joy of this all with friends and others and of course, I still love all the lovely mountain food!

In the summer I am a passionate hiker and love nothing more than escaping the city for fresh air, stunning mountain panoramas and the peace and clarity of mind that accompanies this. Since I've been in Munich I've been building my skills in mountain-biking and also enjoy the combination of biking and hiking that can be done easily from Munich.

With my background in education, personal development and coaching, I am continually fascinated by the potential for inspiring change, growth and well-being that outdoor activities bring and sprinkle these elements of fun, personal development and mindfulness into the GirlsSki2 events.  

In Munich I am involved in Women’s Sports & Wellbeing groups with Internations and Meetup- I thoroughly enjoy the energy of adventures in all women groups - the friendships and communities that stem from them are truly extraordinary and inspiring.

Come and meet me at our München Women's Sport, Well-being and Happiness Meetup!