Get set for winter!

Autumn is definitely in the air and it is the perfect time of year to set new routines before the snow arrives and get yourself set for the ski slopes! 

Whether you are planning on skiing for the first time or you are an experienced skier, what you do now can make all the difference when the snow comes and enable you to get much more out of the winter season. So here are a few tips to give you a headstart this coming season- and give you more energy, power and strength for those fresh air days in the mountains! 

1. Build up fitness

if you can build up your fitness routine to be exercising several times a week at least 8 weeks before you hit the slopes for the first time, you will feel more energised on the slope and stay energised for longer. This also helps combat injury, as most injurys happen towards the end of the day when you are tired.   

2. Build up strength

As well as building up strength in the key muscle areas used in skiing (quads and gluts), incorporate core strength training which will build strength in your back and spine, increasing overall stability, balance and strength to deal with the range of movements you will need.

3. Injury check

If you have a previous injury, then now is the time to go and get it checked and make a realistic plan to get back on the slopes. A long and happy ski career should be your aim- so if the time's not right, wait it out until you are in shape to ski at your peak. 

4. Head start

A big part of mastering skiing and other winter sports is mastering what's going on in your head. Feeling fearful can often lead to injury. Being aware and mindful of your body and thoughts can help improve your technique, combat anxiety and give you the tools to break barriers in your skiing. Take some time out to reflect on your ski style, goals for the season and build up mindfulness techniques and strategies to help your head on the slopes. 

5. Gear up

If you have your own ski equipment, don't leave it until the night before your ski trip to pull the gear out of the cellar. Check now for any damage, give your skis some love- get them serviced (waxed and edges) if needed - you can do this yourself if you have the kit or take them to a local sports store (in Munich e.g. Sport Schuster) or any ski hire shop. 

6. Insurance

Whatever you are doing on the mountain, make sure that you have the necessary insurance- the last thing you want to have forgotten on a perfect blue bird powder day is to have checked that your insurance covers off-piste skiing! You can get great ski insurance coverage through various alpine and ski club memberships e.g Ski Club of Great Britain, German Alpine Club as well as private companies.

Get a head start this season with our Ski Fit Club in Munich!

  • get fit for the slopes

  • build muscular strength, power and endurance focused on alpine sports

  • grow stamina and cardiovascular health

  • build confidence and strength 

  • train with like-minded winter sports fans and meet new potential ski buddies! 

Our 10 Week programmes includes:

  • Weekly 60 minute ski fit circuit training

  • Followed by 30 mins skiers master class with our experienced ski coach

  • Ski Fit Club Ski Day including lift pass

  • Apres- Ski Fit Club End of programme celebration

  • Access to ski masterclass resources (worksheets, videos etc), Ski Fit Club whatsapp and facebook groups.

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