Welcome to GirlsSki2

Inspiring alpine adventures for women

We are passionate about the outdoors, the power of experiences and activities in nature on our body and mind and the fun in sharing in outdoor adventures with like-minded ladies. 

Based in Munich, Southern Germany we love the ease of access to beautiful and enchanting alpine landscapes and the playgrounds they offer for a multitude of different outdoor activities and cultural discoveries throughout the year.

Through our girls-only events and tours we aim to inspire you with confidence as you learn new skills, make new discoveries about yourself and new cultures; creating moments and memories that will last well beyond the adventure.

We offer workshops, day events, weekend retreats, camps and tours based around Munich, Southern Bavaria, through to Austria and Northern Italy. Furthermore our programme extends to  fantastic summer events- hut-to-hut hiking, mountain-biking and escape the city weekend retreats.

Whether you are new to Munich, looking for fun adventures with like-minded companions or are coming from overseas- get in touch, join us and be part of our outdoor women's community! 

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