Trail Fit Club on the trail

Trail Fit Summer Club

Get fit for the trails!

Do you want to get out of the city this summer, build up your fitness to hike the mountain trails with stamina and strength and in great company?

Then join our Trail Fit Summer Club!

This July sees the next installment of our girls-only Trail Fit Summer Club. Our fitness circuit programme, tailored for building strength and stamina for hiking in the mountains, combined with group hiking days are a unique way of building fitness and strength and getting out into the mountains with like-minded ladies! 

Through the 10 week fitness programme you will build strength and stamina needed for long hiking days and carrying extra weight- giving you more energy on the mountain, increasing stability and your recovery rate. 

Our series of 3 day hikes will build on your fitness and strength and prepare you for longer hikes in alpine terrain.

We then round off our Trail Fit Club with a magical weekend hiking tour in the Allgäu Alps.

Circuit training dates at Evolve Fitness

  • July 25th
  • August 1st/ 8th/ 15th/ 22nd/ 30th
  • September 5th/ 12th/ 19th/ 26th 


  • Sunday 29th July
  • Sunday 27th August
  • Sunday 10th September

Weekend Hut Tour, Allgäu:

  • Saturday 23rd- Sunday 24th September

The Trail Fit Club is for anyone looking to:

  • Explore the great outdoors and have fun with like-minded hiking girls
  • Condition themselves for hiking and mountain sports
  • Avoid injuries 
  • Build muscular strength, power and endurance focused on alpine sports
  • Grow stamina and cardiovascular health
  • Build confidence and strength 

What you get:

10 x 60 minute hiking-specific fitness circuit training (€150) 

3 x guided day hikes - tour & hiking guide (€180)

1 x weekend hut tour - tour, hiking guide & 1 night accommodation & dinner in traditional mountain hut (€240)

Many days of fun in the great outdoors, access to Trail Fit Club facebook community group, resources, photos, discount bonuses on further tours & more (€100+++)

= €670++

You get all this for only €450!!

Payable also in 3 installments* 

Group size: 8 - 10 ladies 

Price: €450 

Questions? Check out our FAQs! 

*Please contact us for installment rates 

What previous participants have to say!

"After having attended the Ski Fit Club before I knew that Trail Fit will be tough, too, in terms of the weekly workout. But with each session my core strength, flexibility and balance increased. The increase of my fitness level had a great and most of all positive impact on my life."

"My biggest fear was not being certain that I could complete the two day hike. I didn’t know if I would be strong enough to do it. I feel a much higher level of confidence."

"I love being in the nature. When I enrolled for my first hut to hut tour I was concerned about my condition, about my lack of experience and about having to carry my luggage by myself. It was such a nice experience that I join Ceri's activities wherever possible."

"My favourite part of Trail Fit Club was the overnight hut hike to the Kaisergebirge with my new level of fitness."

"I like the positive and supporting way of Ceri's interactions, how she is integrating everybody and how she is encouraging a real team experience."

"I have two favorite parts of TFC. The first is meeting a fun group of women who are interesting, caring and encouraging of one another. The second favorite part of TFC was the sense of accomplishment at the end of each hike."

"If you are looking for a fun, supportive group to hike with and to help you prepare to hike (fitness training, advice on equipment, etc.), then this is the group for you."

"Join as soon as possible:) Trail Fit will not only bring you fitness but also lot's of fun and most of all lovely company!"

"Thank you Ceri for putting in all these efforts, optimism, great support and amazing attitude in regards of customer service!"