Meet Verena

Allround mountain sports enthusiast, ski instructor and guide with the highest certification, Verena Stitzinger leads our Girl Power & Powder Camp in February 2017. In this interview Verena shares with us her love of alpine sports, love of her home, words of wisdom and inspiration- we can't wait to discover more ourselves in February! 

What was your first great snow experience?

My definition of a great adventure in snow has altered throughout my life. I think my first was a run through the trees from the small lift in our village- without my parents and probably at the age of four. Later I was able to discover even bigger mountains and descents. Amongst the most impressive ski descents being the Cosmic Couloir in Chamonix and many a day in La Grave.

What do you do when you’re not on the ski slopes?

I am a passionate mountainbiker, I practice yoga and really love to play with my young daughter. I also work as a freelance author and writer.

What do you like most about your home region?

The Allgäu is an amazingly diverse region. You can do everything here: climb, ski, mountain bike and swim in the lakes. And even though it is heavily frequented by tourists, there are still many hidden corners.

What piece of gear or equipment could you not live without?

A primaloft jacket

In your experience, what is the biggest challenge for women in skiing and how can they best deal with it?

To approach the descent with enough confidence. In skiing you unfortunately often pay for hesitation.

Some words of wisdom that inspire you…

There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way. Buddha

What does your perfect ski day look like?

Get up early, see the sunrise already on the skis, make my way up the mountain under my own steam, ski down in light powder and in sunshine and wrap up the day relaxing on a sunny terrace in the valley.

Is there a perfect day for you that doesn’t include skiing?

Of course!! We also have summer! When I also like to see the sun come up, perhaps after a night in the sleeping bag with my most loved ones next to me. And then.. be outside, as always.

Feel inspired? Verena leads our Girl Power and Powder Camp 17th -19th February 2017. Join us