Shades of Winter- BETWEEN

Last Friday a group of Munich-based fellow ski-loving girls and I went in search of some excitement for the coming winter season and joined the Shades of Winter film premiere Between – and we were not disappointed. The 90 minute ski film directed by Sandra Lahnsteiner, Austrian Pro Skier, film maker, and coach, is not to be missed.

The film takes us between various continents – from some mega powder days in Canada (at this point I could almost feel myself floating through the powder with them- if only I could ski so well!!), to ski-touring and heli-skiing in Switzerland, New Zealand, Alaska and Sweden to an attempt to ski the Matterhorn and then surfing (with surfing World Champion, Carissa Moore) and skiing in Hawaii- yes, Hawaii – these girls know how to pick their mountains!

It is, however, much more than show-casing the incredible talents and dedication of these ladies and showing stunning locations. In Between we get a glimpse into the reality of these athletes' lives and how they deal with the highs and lows of their love of winter- in a very natural and authentic way. As well as the sweet lines and joy, we see the falls, tears and grit as it is.

A bonus of the evening was having the stars of the film present and hearing from them in person. A real down-to-earth attitude and passion for their sport shone through these ladies – Evelina Nilsson, Janina Kuzma, Julia Manusco, Nadine Wallner and Sandra Lahnsteiner. Having lost one of their good friends and long-term Shades of Winter team members, Matilda Rapaport, to an avalanche earlier this year, they paid a touching tribute to celebrate her life. Matilda’s energy and passion is a big undercurrent of the film.

So whether you are a skier or not, this film will fill you with excitement for winter and will leave you inspired by the friendships, courage and positivity of these amazing female athletes. Moreover it will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, do more of what you enjoy and also to appreciate all those moments Between.

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Sandra Lahnsteiner