Alpine bargains in Munich

Saturday 21st October 2017

For our GirlsSki2 Munich members, you maybe interested in snapping up a bargain or two at the Deutscher Alpenverein (German Alpine Club) flea market. This flea market takes place twice a year at the start of the summer and winter seasons and is a great place to pick up outdoor gear at a reasonable price for a range of sports. 

There is a often a great range of gear here - second hand (generally in very good condition) and brand new (some stores bring previous season's unsold stock to sell). So here are our top tips for navigating the alpine flea market:

1. The early bird v late approach: Decide on your reason for going- get there early for the best pick of the gear or later for the last minute bargains…

2. Do some pre-search: Make a list of key items that you want- research what you would pay for them full price and secondhand- check out sports shops' websites, amazon, ebay and decide in advance what you would be prepared to pay- that way you won’t miss a bargain or pay over the odds.

3. Bring a friend: Not only more fun, more eyes for bargain-spotting, but definitely useful to get another opinion when you find the orange and purple-striped onesie that you never before realised you needed...

4. Don’t hesitate: If you see what you want and you know it's a bargain, snap it up. Maybe sometimes shopping around you might find a better deal, but the chances are if you don’t, it won’t be there when you come back…

5. Bring your cash: You may find an unexpected bargain, and then you’re out of cash before you find what you really came for- make sure that you have enough cash to cover any extra purchases that you might want to make. 

6. Remember what you came for: Its all too easy to be carried away by the bargains- remember what you need and keep focused if you only want to buy certain things.

7. Bring layers: If you are planning on buying clothing – think what layers you would want to wear under or over and also the practicalities of trying these items on at the market. If you are looking for shoes, or boots, bring the socks that you would wear with them.

8. Some items are just best bought brand new. If you want kit that is going to last you a long time, then certain items are best bought where you are going to get a good fit, good advice and have a guarantee- hiking boots, waterproofs, avalanche transceivers. 

9. Declutter: Are you replacing older items? Then use this as an opportunity to get rid of items that you no longer wear and take up space in your wardrobe. Try for every new item to release yourself of something old that you do not need! Want to donate these to a good cause, then bring any good quality and still wearable items to the Diakonie collection points around Munich- check out their website for their list of needed items for refugees.

Deutscher Alpinverein Flohmarkt – Alpine Club Flea Market


Saturday 21st October, 13:00-17:00


Blumengroßmarkthalle München, Schäftlarnstr. 2
- Entrance on Lagerhausstraße 5

Getting there?

U-Bahn & Bus: U3/U6 Poccistraße, take Metrobus 62 in direction of Ostbahnhof to Lagerhausstraße stop (journey time approx 3 Min)

Bus: Lagerhausstraße bus stop - Lines 132 und 62

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