The perfect way to relax and regenerate body and mind after a day in the snow...

Yoga and Skiing

The Yin and Yang of Alpine Sports

Trained muscles, a great sense of balance and flexibility of body and mind - these four components are very important to all winter sports enthusiasts and can be greatly enhanced by a regular yoga practice.

Through working with certain yoga asanas (postures) we can build a solid foundation - strengthening our muscles, ligaments and joints, whilst helping our bodies to maintain flexibility, healthy fascia and muscle tone. Supporting our bodies to be ready to react to anything that might happen under our feet when carving those turns in the white stuff.

Building a strong core is a key factor in preparing our bodies for a great time on the mountain. Yoga offers a wide variety of ways to challenge our core stability - Helloooo moguls! Every snow yogi will also love the effect of working with Pranayama (breath practice), as this notably enhances our lung capacity. Learning how to create an effective breathing pattern will assist in greater cardiovascular health, thus leaving us less winded and less prone to tire quickly on the mountain. Since the breath and our ability to stay present in the moment also directly influence our stress response, getting our yoga on will also help keep our cool in more challenging situations. Think new off piste or that scary black run you finally want to tackle...

With its traditional system of asana, pranayama and mindfulness (meditation) Yoga is the perfect complement to any winter sports activities. We can ski better, longer, are less prone to injuries and recover faster after a hard day when we incorporate a regular yoga practice into our lives, whether for your warm-up in the morning or as your healthy form of après -ski...So get on the mat now and get ready for your best season ever!


Written by Alexandra Duncan, Arlberg Yoga

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