Annalisa guiding through her local mountains.

The magic of snowshoeing

Our Arlberg Snow Shoe hiking guide and expert, Annalisa Falch-Wieser, is a passionate explorer of alpine country off the beaten trail. We asked her to sum-up her love for snow-shoeing for you... Enjoy: 

“Why Snowshoeing?” is a question I often get from curious and potential clients or even from cheeky friends and family members. I often reply, “why not snowshoeing”? What isn’t to like? It’s a perfect complimentary cross training sport for skiers, backcountry skiers, cross-country skiers, runners, hikers and one of the best ways to get non-skiers back outside instead of being cooped up indoors. And it gives them as much to talk about at the dinner table if they are on a winter vacation at a ski resort like the one I live in, St. Anton am Arlberg. Apart from the incredible calorie burning benefits, snowshoeing builds up muscle and for me at least, brings peace to my mind and joy to my heart.

However, before I get too philosophical my assignment was to list my top five reasons I think snowshoeing should be of interest and here they are:

1.       Snowshoeing is a very stable mode of transportation, and if you can walk you can snowshoe, so no age restrictions!

2.       Snowshoeing isn’t expensive in comparison to other winter sports.

3.       Snowshoeing is a total body workout. You burn more calories snowshoeing than you would just walking or running at the same pace because of the resistance.

4.       Snowshoeing is something you can do alone or with friends.

5.       Snowshoeing gets you out of your mind and gets you outdoors into nature! Life is to be experienced don’t let winter weather stop you from getting outside, into shape or staying fit.  

You’re probably then wondering if it’s so easy and affordable then why a guide? Well, if you are at home and you live in an area that has snow and you know the area well, you have no excuse. Get out there and start breaking trails! Just be sure to tell someone where you are going. Just because something is easy doesn’t mean you can disregard the inherent dangers of winter.  Just like anything in life, minimizing risk of something happening should be everyone’s priority so be smart and plan ahead. You don’t have to go all mountain-ranger like but use common sense: 

  • Dress appropriately from your under layers that dry wick, to mid layers that retain body heat and outer layers that keep you warm but allow for sweat to pass through. And people, real winter boots that keep your feet dry and warm! If your feet get cold, you can just throw in the towel. You’ll be miserable and you’ll just cheat yourself out of an amazing experience.
  • Bring water with you and drink it. Just because you aren’t thirsty doesn’t mean you don’t need it, your muscles need it to stay flush and dehydration is a real threat to your safety so keep it at bay by drinking plenty. If you hate water, make tea or bring juice. Alcohol is not recommended because it draws fluid from your extremities. Keep that schnapps for when you are back safe and sound!  

Back to why you should hire someone like me. If you don’t know the area, guides are key in maximizing your time outside and getting you back safely. We know the trails, we have been studying the snow and we can help you improve your techniques on ascending and descending and can share our knowledge to help you keep you safe back home when you are on your own.   The forests and mountains are an enchanted place and the solitude of winter can be truly healing. Whether you come out for a private tour or a group tour, together we will experience the magic of winter.  See you out there!

Snowshoe with us this winter

Ski fitness programme- ski fit exercises with Summit fitness- Part 1


Ski fitness programme- ski fit exercises with Summit fitness- Part 1

Here is the first of our ski fit series with Summit Fitness and Joanne from GirlsSki2. Joanne and Daniela will show you a selection of exercises that you can do at home to build your strength, core and fitness ready for your ski holiday. 

These are great to do and easy to fit in after a bike ride or run, when your body has warmed up! Start with 3-5 repetitions on each side and increase gradually as you build your strength. You’ll see that at certain points its important to hold the position- similarly start with 3 seconds and build this up to 5.

Good luck and let us know how you get on! Post us pictures/videos/ comments about your workouts via facebook and twitter and we’ll send you a virtual high 5!

Ski fit- Part 2


Ski fit- Part 2

Here is the second in our Ski Fit series from  Summit Fitness with Joanne and Daniele. 

How is it going? Let us know via facebook and twitter and we'll keep you motivated!

Get ski fit- Part 3!


Get ski fit- Part 3!

Here comes the third in our Ski Fit series from Summit Fitness! 

Make getting ski fit one of your New Year's resolutions and use these fantastic videos to support and inspire you. Good luck!