Garmisch- Partenkirchen

With our base in Munich- one of our favourite local skiing spots is Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Under an hour’s drive from Munich it is the perfect location for a weekend skiing and even a mid-week evening ski tour! Germany’s highest peak, the Zugspitze provides the stunning background and the foreground of the beautiful traditional Bavarian architecture of the town makes Garmisch a delightful place to visit. Your senses will be rocked throughout the year- local musicians playing regularly and scents of traditional delicacies emanate from the various restaurants and festivals throughout the year. 


Garmisch offers a variety of ski opportunities. The Zugspitze glacier, the highest glacier in Germany alone boasts 20km of groomed piste skiing between 2000 and 2720m for a good six months of the year. On a clear day you will enjoy a 360° panorama over 400 summits across 4 different countries. And even when the rest of the region is submerged in winter fog, you can find yourself skiing in blue skies above the clouds!


No lifts: 9

Blue slopes (easy):4

Red slopes (medium):7

Black slopes (hard):0


The Garmisch Classic ski area offers further skiing opportunities during the main winter season- interlinking three different mountains and 40km more of groomed pistes. 


No lifts: 18

Blue slopes (easy):7

Red slopes (medium):8

Black slopes (hard):3

Ski route:1



Bavarian Ski & Christmas Market weekend