Nicola Schüler


Nationality: British/ Swiss/ American

Base: Boulder, USA & St. Anton am Arlberg

Nicola admitted to us this winter that she loves winter so much, that she actually suffers from the summer blues… She has been skiing since the age of 5 and spends most of the winter in St. Anton. The rest of year, she can be found in Colorado practicing nutrition, hiking, playing tennis or practicing yoga. Nicola is Swiss / British, and was raised in the US. 

Nicola is a Certified Nutritionist. Her focus is on holistic nutrition which looks at the whole person and their lifestyle. Years ago, while experiencing some health issues, Nicola focused on optimal nutrition and made herself well again without medical intervention. She then understood the power of nutrition first-hand! Nutrition has since been her passion. Her goal is to get people feeling their best through optimal nutrition so they can live their lives to the fullest. 

Nicola provided the inspiration for our Girl Power & Powder days- providing top tips on how we can sustain our energy and improve our physical performance adventuring in the snow through nutrition. She is involved in the planning of our ski and alpine adventure events and as a guest speaker.

Nicola offers nutrition counselling and coaching services, either in person or online, via Skype, email or telephone. You can find out more on