Geli's approach to instruction and giving personal feedback was fantastic. You created a group of like-minded female skiers - which is the first time I've experienced that :-)


Such a great idea, and great instruction/guiding. I really would recommend any lady that likes off piste skiing or just wants to get stronger in the powder to do a camp and just go for it!


Thank you for organising the fabulous experience last week... I enjoyed this part of my holiday the most, not only did I laugh the most but I got a lot out of it in a physical way.


Geli the instructor was completely empathetic and I couldn't help but face my fears and have an amazing time, and I now know how to do powder.


Peaceful, beautiful scenery and only the sound of our laughter. Thank you- best day of the week!


Superb guidance, ease of transportation and reminder of how beautiful our world is.


Loved the off-piste and also found the avalanche safety training extremely worthwhile.


Walking off the beaten track, stunning scenery and no-one else around!


Personalised approach and very friendly team.


Thank you for arranging two of the best ski-days of my life!

Inspiring alpine adventures for women

Welcome to GirlsSki2

Inspiring alpine adventures for women

We are passionate about the outdoors, the power of experiences and activities in nature on our body and mind and the fun in sharing in outdoor adventures with like-minded ladies.

Based in Munich, Southern Germany we love the ease of access to beautiful and enchanting alpine landscapes and the playgrounds they offer for a multitude of different outdoor activities and cultural discoveries throughout the year.

Through our events and tours we aim to inspire you with confidence as you learn new skills, make new discoveries about yourself and new cultures; creating moments and memories that will last well beyond the adventure.

Ski Fit Club

Winter is here- are you ready?!

Do you want to get more out of your ski days this winter, have more energy and strength on the mountain and break through blocks in your skiing? 

The next round of our popular Ski-Fit Club in collaboration with Evolve fitness, Munich will keep you fit and in shape for the mountains this Winter season. Our girls-only combined ski fitness circuit programme and skier’s masterclass is guaranteed to give you a head-start and to help keep you injury-free on the slopes this winter.